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Camp Fire

Fire Flames, For the Holiday's

Try not to bring smoke into your house, especially during the holidays. Instead build one outside, or get a gas or electric one to keep you warm.

Decorating Could Be You're Job

When Decorating your tree, make sure you have LOTS of lights. Try placing the most delicate or special ones up towards the top, especially if you have a pet or little kids around to knock them over.


Hang The Wreaths, All Around

Don't buy real wreaths. You're just going to waste your money every year, again, and again, and again. I personally, LOVE fresh and beautiful planters, food, and wreaths, but It's much better to buy an expensive FAKE wreath, and  decorate it beautifully. I use plants from my garden, or buy some berries and pinecones from a store

Christmas Wreath

Can You Wrap Like That?

Wrapping Papers
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